Saturday, 17 November 2012

Creative Day - Part 1 - Greeting Card

10.11.12 - It can be called a good combination number of date. It is caused many people making a moment at this day, such as wedding. It was not surprising that I got three invitation of wedding in this date. One of them is held outside Java Island. So I chosen the other two to be attended.

Giving a present is not a necessity if we want to attend an invitation. But I always like to do it. Beside that, I can make my own greeting card. It was very exciting for me.

For this moment, I made greeting cards in shades of orange. I used three color of cardboard: orange, light orange, and light yellow. I also used green ribbon for the complementary decoration.

Required equipment to make this greeting card are scissors, ruler, cutter, pencil, and glue (I forgot to take the picture of the last one ^^).

First step is making an envelope pattern on the cardboard. Adjust the size as you needed and cut it. Don't forget to make a slice for tucking the ribbon.

For the decoration, create the flower pattern on the cardboard. Make two size of this pattern in the different color of cardboard. After cut the patterns, stack them to be one heap.

Write down the greeting on the paper, and paste it inside the envelope. Tuck the ribbon and paste the flower part on it. For sealing, tie the ribbon.


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