Sunday, 7 December 2014

Is it only laboratory activity?


Well, my college life was end two years ago. It should be the one of memorable part of life. Meeting new people with the different cultures, doing many new activities, joining the student club, and so on.

In the third year of my study in college, laboratory activity dominated my time. In each semester, we should take two subject with laboratory activity. Each subject may have at least four sections. In each section, we have to do the preliminary task before doing practicum. It was not as easy as said, there was a bunch of problem that should be solved within 24-hours, yeah, only 24-hours. Oftentimes my classmate missed the class for finishing it.That was not a good way for facing it. But it was hard to choose, entering the class or finishing the task. You can not join the practicum if you don't finish the task, but the material that was taught in the class is also important. In this way, I realized that doing some thing effectively and efficiently is obligatory.

Before we started the practicum, we got some questions from laboratory assistants. All of the question was related to the practicum. If we fail to answer the questions, the assistants would ask another question until we can answer it or give us time for extra study, but the worst case is not to allow us to do practicum in that section and we have to come again in the next schedule. It was one of the reasons why laboratory activity dominated my time. If you failed once, you should allocate the extra time for the practicum. It was make me study more and more instead of fail to join the practicum.

Some of laboratory activities in my major are dangerous things. We generated electricity with high voltage or high current. In other activities, we run the electric motor that the size is bigger than water gallon. So we should do the practicum carefully. The preliminary tasks and questions are to ensure that we capable to do the practicum or not.

Finally, laboratory activity sounds like scary. But I don't think in that way. There are many interesting thing there. Unbelievable, in the practicum, I can recognize if the motor speed reach 1500 rpm just by hearing the sound (but I can't do it now ^^, how poor am I..). Another interesting thing is to see the electric spark just looks like lightning.

So, is it only laboratory activity?

How about you, Susi, Sidik, Derip? I also want hear your stories..

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